About Us

About Zaina Foundation.

Zaina Foundation is a private, autonomous, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit sharing Organization which was founded in 2017 and registered under NGO’s Act of 2002 with the aim of promoting digital rights in Tanzania.

Our Mission

To continuously aid women who are Journalists, Human Rights Defenders, Technologists, Lawyers, Activists, women with disabilities and Students alike, to permanently improve the way they protect and access their information online.

Our Objectives

  1. To promote Digital Rights and inclusion in Tanzania
  2. To advocate on affordability and accessibility of internet and Digital Security Awareness to women in Tanzania.
  3. To localize digital tools and Contents into Swahili language.
  4. To empower women to 21st Century Skills.

Our Vision

To Promote Digital Rights and inclusion in Tanzania through advocacy on affordability and accessibility of internet, digital safety and privacy capacity building, policy reform workshops and convene.


Projects/ Activities

  1. Digital Safety Training for women journalists in Tanzania
  2. Monitoring Internet Shutdowns in Tanzania (Measure, Document and Advocate)
  3. Policy Reform
  4. Localization and Translation of open-source tools to Swahili language.
  5. Digital Rights Coalition (Advocate and annual research on the state of digital rights in Tanzania) 20 members from local NGOs.
  6. UX project (Tool’s testing and feedback collection then share with developers for improvement and make tools friendlier with users.

Board Members

Medika Medi – Journalist – Kenya
Ayda Bukubuza – Uganda – Member
Herrieth Mkaanga – Secretary – Tanzania
Rose Sarwat – Chairperson – Tanzania


Zaituni Njovu – Executive Director
Selemani Wambura – Project Coordinator
Setiel Masaki – Accounting Manager
Latifa Rashid – Finance Officer
Farida Nchimbi – Program Manager
Zuhura Omary Selemani – Administration officer

Yose Hozza – Advocacy and Communication Manger


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