Digital Safety Awareness to Maasai Marginalised Women in Tanzania.

Executive Summary

 This digital security report aims to assess and address the digital security concerns faced by Maasai women in Tanzania. With the increasing use of digital technologies, it is crucial to ensure the safety and privacy of Maasai women as they navigate the digital landscape in relation to mitigation of climate change in Tanzania. Maasai is the pastoralists community that lives in the Northern part of Tanzania in Regions including Arusha and Manyara.  Main economic activity of the Maasai community is animal keeping (Pastoralists) They keep cattles including cows, goats, sheep, and donkeys. This report covers the key digital key findings, threats, and recommended actions to enhance digital security. 



 The Maasai community in Tanzania has witnessed a surge in digital technology adoption, with more Maasai women engaging in online activities. However, this also exposes them to various digital security risks and threats. This report provides an overview of the digital security landscape for Maasai women.  Majority of Maasai women use digital devices especially smartphones and the internet to access information online about mitigation of climate change, economic connections and tourism activities.  Maasai women in Tanzania 90% do pastoralism but for 10% they do other economic activities on a small scale like mining, tourism, farming, etc.

Marginalized Maasai women face challenges in accessing information online due to the impacts of climate change migration, Surveillance, Censorship, and other Digital Threats.

Zaina Foundation the only organization in Tanzania which promote digital rights and inclusion, this month October, 2023 conducted two days training, educated 20 maasai women on digital security focused on Device Hygiene, Password and Password Management, Online Safety, Secure Communication, Mobile Safety, Tools practice for secure communication online especially those tools translated by Zaina Foundation into Swahili language including, Signal Mobile app, Psiphon, Tor tools, OONI Probe and Explorer.  Aim of this training is to educate the Report on Digital Security Awareness to Marginalized Maasai Women in Tanzania (3)

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