Paradigm Initiative (PIN) documented the 2020 digital rights and inclusion violations highlighted milestones and made recommendations for improving the digital landscape in Africa in Londa. The publication, comprising 20 African country reports including Tanzania, was launched on 12 April 2021 and is PIN’s Digital Rights and Inclusion in Africa report which captures digital rights and inclusion infractions in Africa. The script for the short film was drawn from Londa and sought to give a visual representation of the challenges witnessed in 2020.

Therefore, PIN contacted its partner in Tanzania Zaina Foundation to co-organize this event together. The event participated by a total of 37 participants whereby, 25 were female and 12 were men from Dar es salaam, Arusha, Morogoro, Geita and Tanga.

Focus is a short film challenges viewers to be aware of the challenges happening in Africa and not to sail through the real lived experiences that come with digital rights violations in ignorance. The film presents a call to action, a call to focus. This is an imperative action relevant to defending digital rights and inclusion in Africa.

Tools and Objectives

Various tools PIN is using and objective of the event (Digi-Talk). Other activities of Paradigm Initiative (PIN) it includes Capacity building on life skills, ICT, Financial literacy, Entrepreneurship etc

During his session he also explained the word LONDA as a zulu word which means calling for action to protect. The research done in Africa countries to counter check the state of digital rights.




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