OCTOBER 26 – 28,2022



ICT Commission  in Tanzania prepared a 6th annual conference at Zanzibar from 26-28th October which brought together different stakeholders from Information, Communication and technology sector which involve communication service providers, private organizations and government institutions to celebrate and discuss the development and opportunities within ICT. Theme of the 6th conference was focused on Digital transformation in blue economy for social and economic development with the aim of expanding the scope of digital systems to be used in promoting the blue economy and stimulating digital performance that will shape beneficial social development Zaina Foundation the only Non-Government Organization participated in this conference as one of Exhibitor to showcase their activities that have a great contribution in promoting digital rights in Tanzania also their capacity building projects concerning online safety for women include women journalists, women with disabilities, young women activists and women in politics.  The exhibition booth of ZF was visited by various stakeholders, about 300 people from government institutions, international organizations, communication service providers, commercial companies and citizens where many were interested in our work and promised to cooperate with us in different fields to strengthened tech sector in Tanzania for women.

 A large number of people who visited our exhibition booth were more interested with the online safety workshop training which have been done by Zaina Foundation  and encourage us to expand the scope of providing this training so that it benefits the larger society, especially women who go through many criminal challenges include women in pastoralists community and other marginalized women form rural areas of Tanzania.             On the other hand, young activists who are students of State University of Zanzibar visited Zaina Foundation booth were interested in our Digital Voice project which aims to increase civic engagement online and Digital safety awareness to young women at universities and promised to participate fully in this project as well as to show their ability to design digital systems that are going to simplify work


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